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Grange S., 20th-century U.S. pediatrician. See: Coffin-Lowry syndrome, Coffin-Siris syndrome.
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(kô′fĭn, kŏf′ĭn)
The horny part of a horse's hoof.
tr.v. cof·fined, cof·fining, cof·fins
To place in or as if in a coffin.
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Mortuary science A funerary box used to display and contain deceased remains—either for burial or cremation
Radiation safety A heavily-leaded container used to transport relatively large amounts of radioactive material—e.g., from the manufacturer
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The new fibreboard range, built by Gloucester-based LifeArt Coffins, look like traditional models.
Meshack Nyambati reported the incident to Kiambaa police station, adding that upon opening the coffin, he found a dead snake, an empty envelope, a dead cat and the carcass of a squirrel in what is suspected to be an act of witchcraft.
Coffin grew up in Winnetka and graduated from New Trier High School before heading to Yale University and earning a degree in 1939 in civil engineering.
But after 18 months of cutting, carving and assembling his French oak based death box, his shed caught fire - sending the coffin up in flames prematurely.
class="MsoNormalThe man later paid for a motorbike which took him inside the coffin to his house.
"Coffin was reasonably identifiable as a potential settlement class member, but Wells Fargo did not notify or advise Coffin that the district court had entered the Preliminary Order or advise the Settlement Administrator that Coffin was one of the members of Class B.
Louis, Missouri, will hold a 30-hour coffin challenge that will surely solve any queries regarding life a la Dracula.
I'm very comfortable being an undertaker and a coffin maker because I don't have any negative thoughts against anyone.
He said: "The Irn-Bru coffin was my idea when there was an outcry about the recipe being changed.
Samen Kondorua died of severe head injuries after the heavy coffin fell on the men carrying it during the ceremony in North Toraja in South Sulawesi on Friday.
The coffin, acquired by the University of Sydney 150 years ago, was left untouched in its Nicholson Museum and was never studied.
Traditionally, custom-made coffin designs were commissioned to celebrate the lives of priests and kings of the coastal Ga and Fante peoples.