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Second, given that the system tends towards a coevolutionary equilibrium, it may not necessarily be an equilibrium where the host is limited to a low value of q.
Local adaptation by parasites is favorable to coevolutionary (Red Queen) models for the maintenance of sex, but some migration seems to be required (1) to prevent the local fixation of alleles (Hamilton 1986, 1993; Frank 1991, 1993); (2) to spread adaptations to host defenses among parasite populations (Thompson 1994); and (3) to prevent a well-dispersed clone from displacing sexual reproduction across a set of populations (Ladle et al.
When examining the coevolutionary history of F magna and its definitive hosts, the concept of host spectra 'filters' is useful to consider (Euzet and Combes 1980 in Combes 2001), specifically, that 2 filters facilitate the acquisition of a host spectrum: an encounter filter and a compatibility filter.
Zhou, "A cooperative coevolutionary Cuckoo search algorithm for optimization problem, " Journal of Applied Mathematics, vol.
Until recently, studies of parasite diversification have primarily focused on interspecific or deeper taxonomic scales, with phylogenetic incongruence between host and parasite lineages explained in terms of coevolutionary phenomena such as host-switching, parasite lineage extinction or duplication (Page & Charleston 1998, Paterson & Banks 2001, Brooks & McLennan 2002).
Newts and garter-snakes are involved in a coevolutionary arms race with reciprocal selection acting upon toxicity in newts and resistance in snakes (Brodie and Brodie 1990, 1991; Hanifin and others 2008).
Therefore, I propose a study to reveal coevolutionary and population dynamics and their underlying mechanisms within and between hosts of parasites in wild bird populations.
This work elucidated the need for taking into account the coevolutionary nature of peer networks and the spread of behaviors on these networks, since these phenomena are driven by both homophily and influence.
Books like Sex On The Brain (Deborah Blum, Viking, New York, 1997) and more importantly, Genes, Mind and Culture: the coevolutionary process (Charles J.
The book treats religion as a special and influential component in social life that can be analyzed through either the standard model of cognitive science or through so-called coevolutionary theories.
One of the classic examples of a coevolutionary mutualism--two species evolving in tandem to the benefit of both--involves 'ant-plants' and 'plant-ants' in tropical forests.