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oer·sted (Oe),

A unit of magnetic field intensity; the magnetic field intensity that exerts a force of 1 dyne on a unit magnetic pole; equal to (1000/4π) A m-1.
[Hans-Christian Oersted, Danish physicist, 1777-1851]
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A unit of magnetic field intensity; the magnetic field intensity that exerts a force of 1 dyne on unit magnetic pole; equal to (1000/4π) A·m-1.
[Hans-Christian Oersted, Danish physicist, 1777-1851]
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[Hans Christian Oersted, Danish physicist, 1777–1851]
A unit of magnetic field intensity. An oersted is the magnetism that exerts a force of one dyne on a unit magnetic pole. This term has largely been replaced by the SI unit amperes per meter.
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Under the assumptions of the first Strang lemma (see Theorem 1.3, page 14, [14]), that is, the coercivity (41) and the continuity (42) condition are satisfied with constants [[alpha].sup.*] and A defined in (44) and (46), the problem (38) admits a unique numerical solution [u.sup.N] [member of] [T.sub.N], satisfying
The coercivity ([H.sub.c]), remanence ([M.sub.r]), and maximum magnetization at 2T ([M.sub.2T]) of as-cast and annealed alloys are 349.1 Oe, 10.8 emu/g, and 79.6 emu/g and 242.0 Oe, 11.8 emu/g, and 94.6 emu/g, respectively.
In addition, some tape has dual coercivity, combining hi-co and lo-co for multifunction cards.
Beacause of the push toward higher coercivity, two broad categories have been established or magnetic tapes based on this property.
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Similarly, for [sigma] [member of] Sym, the coercivity of [([M.sup.n]).sup.-1] implies
- It is important that magnets used in automotive motors and other applications have high coercivity (the ability to maintain magnetization) even at high temperatures.
Finally, the coercivity of [mathematical expression not reproducible] on the kernel set
However, due to the scarcity of RE magnetic metals such as Dy-dysprosium, Pr-praseodymium, and Sm-samarium, a more practical approach, which seems to be gaining more ground, is manipulation on the structure of grain boundary phases and internal interfaces, which enable better understanding of relevant coercivity mechanisms.
The convergence analysis is performed in the spirit of (Theorem 1.35 [3]) by establishing discrete coercivity, consistency, and boundedness for [a.sup.swip.sub.h].
Existence results concerning pseudomonotone perturbations of maximal monotone operators under coercivity condition can be found in the papers due to Kenmochi [4, 7, 8], Asfaw and Kartsatos [9], Le [10], Asfaw [11], and the references therein.