coenzyme Q10

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coenzyme Q10

A factor present in mitochondria which extracts energy from foods. It has acquired a reputation among fringe nutritionists as being effective in detoxifying patients with an overdose of environmental pollutants; it is also claimed to be beneficial in treating hypertension, obesity, periodontal disease, preventing cancer, increasing longevity and revitalising the immune system.
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(ko-en'zim?) [ co- + enzyme]
An enzyme activator; a diffusible, heat-stable substance of low molecular weight that, when combined with an inactive protein called apoenzyme, forms an active compound or a complete enzyme called a holoenzyme (e.g., adenylic acid, riboflavin, and coenzymes I and II).

coenzyme A

A derivative of pantothenic acid, important as a carrier molecule for acetyl groups in many reactions including the Krebs cycle (tricarboxylic acid cycle) and the oxidation of fatty acids.

coenzyme Q

A dietary supplement promoted by alternative medicine practitioners as an antioxidant and as a treatment for gingivitis and heart diseases.

coenzyme Q10

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