coding strand

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cod·ing strand

the strand of duplex DNA that has the same sequence as the mRNA (except that mRNA contains ribonucleotides instead of deoxyribonucleotides).
Synonym(s): sense strand
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coding strand

The single strand of a separated double helix of DNA that has the same base sequence as the MESSENGER RNA (mRNA) formed from the complementary DNA strand. The coding strand is not used to form mRNA.
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coding strand


sense strand

the strand of DUPLEX DNA from which mRNA is transcribed. See also TRANSCRIPTION. Compare ANTICODING STRAND.
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The company said the Coding Strand Sequencing is a platform for instrument-free, solution-phase indexing of nucleic acids.
Coding Strand Sequencing embodies the methodologic converse of existing, instrument-based indexing systems: Coding Strand indexing reagents are distributed and anchored within singular nucleic acid samples, rather than samples being divided and distributed into indexes, concluded the company.
Perfect matches to upstream signature sites average nearly 4% of the expression of these four genes but only 0.3% of total expression from the coding strand.
Lymphocyte DNA isolated from a healthy individual was amplified by these and the normal right-side primers (3' on the coding strand).