coding sequence

cod·ing se·quence

the portion of DNA that codes for transcription of messenger RNA.
See also: exon.
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cod·ing se·quence

(kōd'ing sē'kwĕns)
The portion of DNA that codes for transcription of messenger RNA.
See: exon
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coding sequence (CDS)

a genome sequence bounded by a start and stop codon that encodes the AMINO ACIDS of a protein.
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AG013 is an oral mouth rinse composed of a recombinant Lactococcus lactis bacteria strain that contains the coding sequence for human trefoil family factor 1 (hTFF1), which is continually secreted by the bacteria.
Using plasmids pBHA and pCAG-EGFPd2 (a gift from Connie Cepko) (21) and Addgene plasmid # 14760 as the templates, human [beta]-globin (HBG) 5'-3'UTRs, and the coding sequence of destabilized green fluorescent protein (EGFPd2) were amplified by specific primers.
The genome contains genes, which are regions of DNA which get transcribed to RNA; in some cases this RNA is itself directly functional (things like tRNAs or the 18S component of the ribosome, for instance) but in most cases, the RNA is an mRNA, carrying a protein coding sequence which is translated by the ribosomal machinery into a covalently attached series of amino acids--a protein--which by nature of the varied side chain chemistries and their electrostatic, hydrogen bond, and hydrophobic interactions folds up to a thermodynamic energy minima state to create a functional enzyme or structural protein.
VM202 is a novel genomic cDNA hybrid human hepatocyte growth factor gene with a novel and proprietary coding sequence (HGF-X7) expressing two isoforms needed for optimal therapeutic benefits.
DNA's coding sequence is described by four base pairs: cytosine, guanine, adenine, and thymine.
Typically, these receptors are used to graft the specificity of a monoclonal antibody onto a T cell, with transfer of their coding sequence facilitated by retroviral vectors.
For the construction of the plasmid containing the whole PpPbp gene fused to the GFP gene (PpPbp-GFP), the coding sequence of PpPbp was amplified by PCR from the pBSPpPbp plasmid with the PpPbp(GFP)-F-SalI and PpPbp(GFP)-R2-SalI primers.
The coding sequence region of CK-M gene was sequenced for comparison analysis with other species.
They then moved on to simulating the operation of a vending machine which taught them about coding sequence, selection and looping.
The RNA used in this experiment contained the coding sequence for TERT, the active component of a naturally occurring enzyme called telomerase.