coding sequence

cod·ing se·quence

the portion of DNA that codes for transcription of messenger RNA.
See also: exon.

cod·ing se·quence

(kōd'ing sē'kwĕns)
The portion of DNA that codes for transcription of messenger RNA.
See: exon

coding sequence (CDS)

a genome sequence bounded by a start and stop codon that encodes the AMINO ACIDS of a protein.
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DNA's coding sequence is described by four base pairs: cytosine, guanine, adenine, and thymine.
Typically, these receptors are used to graft the specificity of a monoclonal antibody onto a T cell, with transfer of their coding sequence facilitated by retroviral vectors.
AMT-061 and AMT-060, the latter of which has been tested in 10 patients in an ongoing Phase I/II clinical trial, are identical in structure apart from two nucleotide substitutions in the coding sequence for FIX.
For the construction of the plasmid containing the whole PpPbp gene fused to the GFP gene (PpPbp-GFP), the coding sequence of PpPbp was amplified by PCR from the pBSPpPbp plasmid with the PpPbp(GFP)-F-SalI and PpPbp(GFP)-R2-SalI primers.
To discriminate between strains and identify outbreaks, alleles within the coding sequence (i.
The coding sequence region of CK-M gene was sequenced for comparison analysis with other species.
Examination of coding sequence of sm141chiA indicated the presence of two ATTTA three-AATAAA one-AATAAT and one {CAN(7-9)AGTNNA}signals that have a regulatory significance in eukaryotes.
They then moved on to simulating the operation of a vending machine which taught them about coding sequence, selection and looping.
The RNA used in this experiment contained the coding sequence for TERT, the active component of a naturally occurring enzyme called telomerase.
Promoter: A DNA segment located at the start of a gene's coding sequence that provides a binding site for the enzymes that initiate the first step in the process of gene expression (i.