coding conventions

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cod·ing con·ven·tions

(kōd'ing kon-ven'shŭnz)
Rules to be followed when coding with ICD-9-CM.
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The NCCI develops coding policies, or "edits," by analyzing coding conventions and reviewing standard medical and surgical practices.
It has developed over a long period, leading to stable coding conventions in most jurisdictions, and in Australia, a comprehensive set of Coding Standards and documented data definitions.
The ICD-10-CM CodingPro Cards from DecisionHealth uses the skill-boosting power of game play to ensure memory and comprehension of diagnostic codes and coding conventions. By using this training tool, home health agencies will accelerate the skill building necessary when the code transition begins - so they can quickly regain productivity and protect against revenue losses.
She explains the purpose of the ICD-10-CM and its relationship to the reimbursement process, and how to apply coding conventions when assigning codes, interpret basic coding guidelines for outpatient care, assign codes to the highest level of specificity, and sequence codes.
"Now we must be concerned with issues like, Did the provider use proper coding conventions for reimbursement?
It is imperative facility administration teach clinical staff the financial impact of this assessment tool, as well as the proper coding conventions.
It helps HIM staff understand that billing coding conventions are as important as ICD-9 coding conventions when sending a claim to an insurance company or payer and ensures that members of other departments (e.g., financial, admitting, quality management) understand how their contributions to the revenue cycle must be translated by billers to fit changing UB-04 Form Locator codes.
This handbook for hospital billing is designed to train HIM staff to follow ICD-9 billing coding conventions, complete the UB-04 form and learn basic billing principles and methodologies.
Unless dealing specifically with the military, the commercial sector does not recognize military coding conventions such as the UIC, DODAAC, RIC, and CAGE.
COLT -- Communicative Orientation of Language Teaching Observation Scheme: Coding Conventions and Applications Nina Spada and Maria Frohlich NCELTR, Macquarie University, Sydney 1995, 168pp., $49.95
As indicated before, coding conventions differ somewhat between the United States and Canada, and this may affect some of the specific findings.
New indexing techniques, custom data models and standard coding conventions have contributed to delivering a new level of analysis and reporting.