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Benjamin founded Code Pink organization, whose name came from the colors the American government used to indicate the level of danger after the 9/11 attack.
based American Muslims for Palestine, Code Pink JVP (Jewish Voice for Peace), National Students for Justice in Palestine and U.
Tighe Barry from Code Pink and Phil Wilayto, editor of the Virginia Defender, who both witnessed far-right violence in Charlottesville this weekend, said how racists were allowed to run amok during demonstrations and the suspicious absence of the police, Sputnik reported.
Two other examples of events that took place around Inauguration Day were Public Citizen's teach-in and a Peace Ball led by Code Pink, Democracy Now and Busboys and Poets, a community gathering space.
In the South Carolina debates in February, for example, Trump said Bush knew there were not weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and invaded the country anyway, a line often repeated by left-wing groups such as Code Pink and the Answer coalition.
Protesters with Code Pink, an anti-war advocacy group, offered Cruz packs of gum labeled "Islamophobin" as he entered the hearing room, telling him it could cure Islamophobia.
The idea for Code Pink came about in jest in response to the Bush Administration's color-coded terror levels, but was regarded as a needed contribution to the peace and social justice movements.
Palestinian activist Mohammed Khatib, American jewish activist Code Pink, a Finish activist (still not identified) and Italian activist, Antonio Fresta, were arrested.
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ousting Code Pink demonstrators who called Henry Kissinger a "war criminal" at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, January 21
They also have important relationships with partner organizations such as World Beyond War and Code Pink.
Egypt police," tweeted Medea Benjamin, founder of protest organization Code Pink, which rose to prominence for opposing the U.