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an anatomic structure with branches resembling a tree.
bronchial tree the bronchi and their branching structures; see color plates.
tracheobronchial tree the trachea, bronchi, and their branching structures; see color plates.
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Anatomy Any branching structure—e.g., bronchial tree, vascular tree
Botany A perennial woody plant having a main trunk and usually a distinct crown
Evidence-based medicine A diagram of an algorithm for a particular process
Evolutionary biology A schematic which demonstrates the relatedness of organisms
Genetics A diagram with branches in descending lines showing relationships as to lineage
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Patient discussion about tree

Q. Could i be allergic to trees? I have a lot of olive trees in my neighborhood and I have been told that olive trees are highly allergic.

A. Thanks a lot Brandon. I'll try your tip

Q. if someone is allergic to olive trees, does that mean they are allergic to olive oil as well?

A. I asked him, and he said he has no prob with olive oil.
Dinner was spectacular if i may add :)

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The 2019 World Coconut Congress, which runs August 27-29, boasts of an exhibit participated in by over 100 local and foreign suppliers, and a three-day conference that gathers 400 delegates from all over the region to learn from local and international panel of experts.
Leading the way are the two venerable coconut processing companies, Franklin Baker and Peter Paul, both based in Laguna and Quezon.
'In my first official act as the head of the Mindanao Development Authority, I asked Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea yesterday to consider the lifting of a Marcos Presidential Decree which bans the export of mature coconuts,' Pinol said in a Facebook post on Thursday.
Gluten and dairy-free coconut milk are also becoming acceptable substitutes to cow's milk for consumers who are lactose-intolerant.
In February, the President vetoed the coco levy fund bill that would have created a P100-billion trust fund for the benefit of 3.5 million coconut farmers.
The trunk is then cut into the required height and a hole made through the pieces to accommodate the inner part of the Thermos.The coconut trunk is then shaped as desired, then smoothened, polished and the top and bottom lids placed.
'That is why if you get to Gberefu land, you will see a lot of coconut plantations, which were established by the whites, when they first arrived in Badagry,' he added.
Sando explains that they send their money to their business partners in Grand Bassa, River Cess, Grand Cape Mount, Bong, Maryland, Grand Kru and Sinoe Counties to purchase coconut shelf.
He said coconut and pineapple were now seen as the country's new source of wealth, after the musang king durian, due to their high demand abroad.
"Coconut is most important to Goa's cuisine and the current government is not doing much to ensure that it is available at cheaper prices to households in Goa," Goa Mahila Congress President Pratima Coutinho told reporters here.