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At Cocktails in the City, Liverpool's drink enthusiasts can choose from 30 original cocktails created exclusively for the festival by some of the city's favourite bars including: The Alchemist's new venture, Aether, soon to open Pins Bar and Volpi, the new incarnation from the popular Filter + Fox.
Celebrating the finest female bartenders in the city, the brand-new Stylist Loves Laurent-Perrier Bar will feature an exclusive collection of champagne cocktails created by Erin Class and Nicola Ibberson from The Alchemist, Hannah Lodge from Smugglers Cove and Bethany Kate Parker from Petit Cafe Du Coin.
"From all the entries, three finalists will be chosen by our customers, who will rank each cocktail for appearance, taste and uniqueness.
Thirsty contestants will have to dash around the aisles gathering items which include Coco Pops and Angel Delight to make cocktails.
TW: The Yellowbelly cocktail (rum, coconut, turmeric, ginger falernum, pineapple and lime juice) has definitely been the most popular, as we thought.
Cocktails in the City will be the very first opportunity for cocktail lovers to try these exciting, bespoke drinks.
Pointing to a patron, Sophary says: 'She made a tamarind water cocktail with ingredients that included tamarind water, paddy herb and kaffir lime leaves among others to make her own cocktail masterpiece.
Take Michael Jackson's "Thriller," which is paired with a Moon Walk cocktail. Andre says the drink was created by a bartender in the 1960s to commemorate the Apollo 11 moon landing.
Just last year, Second Avenue Deli, a Jewish delicatessen in New York City, opened a cocktail bar above the restaurant called 2nd Floor.
According to Jongno Police Station, which is in charge of the embassy's external security, the man lit a handmade Molotov cocktail just outside the barbed wire fence encircling the embassy and was about to throw the fire bomb over the fence at 7 p.m.
Sloe Comfortable Screw Against The Wall: A worthy cocktail. Sloe, for the Sloe Gin, Comfortable, for the Southern Comfort, Screw, for the Screwdriver ingredients of orange juice and vodka, and Up Against The Wall - a Harvey "Wall" banger cocktail, which is basically a Screwdriver with [herbal liqueur] Galliano.
Black Magic Cocktail: This drink should help ( cast a spell that will bewitch any party guests, with the combination of orange juice, black vodka and triple sec.