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(1) Agrimony, see there; Agrimonia eupatoria.
(2) Burdock, see there; Arctium lappa.
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Herbal agent made from Arctium lappa or A. minus; produced in several forms (e.g., cream, tonic, liquid); used against a huge range of disorders (e.g., arthritis, pain syndromes, rash); has been involved in poisoning; safety and efficacy not established.
Synonym(s): beggar's buttons, cocklebur (2) , wild gobo.


A perennial herb (Agrimonia eupatoria, A. herba) used in desiccated form in tablets and infusions, as well as topically (wound healing, astringent).
Synonym(s): cocklebur (1) , sticklewort.
[L. agrimonia, fr. G. argemōnē]
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In the 1940s, Swiss inventor George de Mestral found that, upon returning home for a walk with his dog one day, his pants and the canine's fur were covered with cockleburs. He studied the burs under a microscope, observing their natural hook-like shape, which ultimately led to the design of the popular adhesive material, Velcro.
Their coats can also be an issue when hunting areas with cockleburs and sticktights, which is one of the many reasons why it's so important to find a field-bred dog versus a bench-bred dog.
The downside to goldens is their coats are magnets for cockleburs, stickers, and general debris, which requires extra maintenance at the end of a hunt.
Cockleburs stick to your clothes because they have hooks in them.
This plant is biennial, producing the familiar cockleburs that cling to clothing and fur like Velcro in its second year of growth.
We've grown cockleburs combed out of Smurfly the dog's fur into young burdock plants and fluffy milkweed "parachutes" into little milky-sapped plants, and have sprouted quite a number of mystery seedlings.
PHOTO : Botanist Harry Borthwick examines growth of cockleburs in this 1962 study of the effects of light on plants.
Not until Dan Peters had committed the engineer's unpardonable sin and broken out of the timetable did people realize how many of his little sayings had stuck like cockleburs in their memories.
Sandburs, cockleburs, and burdock are a real hazard in the long hair of Hank who sometimes gets so many of these sticky seeds in his long coat that a couple hours and great effort are necessary to remove them.
Swiss mechanical engineer George de Mestrel was inspired to make Velcro in the 1950s when he went for a walk and came back with cockleburs stuck to his clothes.