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After the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) definitively approved the use of cochlear implants in children in June, 1990, these devices have brought about a true revolution in the treatment of severe-profound, bilateral, and cochlear hearing loss (prevalence 1-3/1000) (Alzina of Aguilar, 2005; Commission of Experts of the Spanish Committee of Audiophonology - Royal Board on Disability [Comision de Expertos del Comite Espanol de Audiofonologia--CEAF--Real Patronato sobre Discapacidad], 2005; Manrique & Huarte, 2002).
The mutation (called R156W), was first identified in an individual suffering from cochlear hearing loss, and it affects the way the myo1c protein interacts with proteins known as actin filaments, another crucial component of the sensory apparatus of the inner ear.