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A chemical agent generally added to animal feed to partially inhibit or delay the development of coccidiosis.
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However, the control diet did not contain any growth promoter or coccidiostat and the birds might have been exposed to a strong bacterial challenge.
of California, Davis) points out in his preface some of the new challenges, including West Nile virus encephalitis, ionophore coccidiostat toxicity, and red maple poisoning; he also lists indications of a surge of research and clinical interest in camelids, including the Journal of Camel Practice and Research.
12 October 2010 - Residues of the coccidiostat nicarbazin have been detected by the Italian authorities in samples taken from a 24.
Part II Veterinary residues: Assessing the safety of veterinary drug residues; The toxicity of particular veterinary drug residues: The rapid detection of veterinary drug residues; New techniques for the rapid detection of growth promoters in farm animals; The rapid detection of coccidiostat drug residues in farm animals.
But in general, it's one probe for one coccidiostat.
Effects of a xylanase and protease, individually or in combination, and an ionophore coccidiostat on performance, nutrient utilization, and intestinal morphology in broiler chickens fed a wheat-soybean meal-based diet.
Some brands of chick starter are medicated with a coccidiostat to prevent coccidiosis.
Gugolek A, Lorek MO, Kowalska D and P Janiszewski Production results of rabbits fed diets containing no coccidiostat during the fattening period.
The team visited a producer of coccidiostat premixes and noticed that there were no measures in place to systematically minimise cross-contamination.
Evaluation of sodium bicarbonate, chloride, or sulfate with a coccidiostat in corn-soy or corn-soy-meat diets for broiler chickens.
Gumboro vaccine was administered on the 7th day while from the 19th to the 20th day of the experiment, the birds were given coccidiostat.