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A chemical agent generally added to animal feed to partially inhibit or delay the development of coccidiosis.
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Nicarbazin is a coccidiostat used to treat the protozoan disease, coccidiosis, that can be debilitating or even fatal to poultry.
And to keep those birds healthy and on schedule, they count on medications called coccidiostats.
Some brands of chick starter are medicated with a coccidiostat to prevent coccidiosis.
The feed used contained no antibiotics, no vitamin and no coccidiostat.
Gugolek A, Lorek MO, Kowalska D and P Janiszewski Production results of rabbits fed diets containing no coccidiostat during the fattening period.
The team visited a producer of coccidiostat premixes and noticed that there were no measures in place to systematically minimise cross-contamination.
Evaluation of lasalocid as a coccidiostat in calves: Titration, efficacy, and comparison with monensin and decoquinate.
Gumboro vaccine was administered on the 7th day while from the 19th to the 20th day of the experiment, the birds were given coccidiostat.
For each coccidiostat or histomonostat authorised as feed additive, EFSA took into account hypothetical carry-over rates of 2%, 5% and 10% from feed produced with the highest authorised dose of the coccidiostats or histomonostats into the afterwards produced non-target feed.
However, the control diet did not contain any growth promoter or coccidiostat and the birds might have been exposed to a strong bacterial challenge.