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Referring to the lacy neurofibrillary material present in the center of the rosettes of neuroblastomas, ganglioneuroblastomas and benign ganglioneuromas, which corresponds to 6–10-nm cytoplasmic filaments, cell processes with microtubules, rare dense core granules, synaptic vesicles, cell junction material
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A little thing like that didn't deter the Cobweb musicians when they donned the modern equivalent of miners' lamps and ventured below.
If the popcorn tests positive for asbestos, you have a bigger problem than cobwebs (more about that later).
The boys have been training hard for a few months now, so we want to just blow the cobwebs off.
Still, though we may turn away with the book's cobwebs clogging our own brain, we may also find ourselves shifting our attention to our own family's web of relationships, tensions, and enigmas.
They are invited to join the Cobweb Orchestra which will give its first ever Hartlepool performance on the paddle steamer Wingfield Castle at the Marina on the last afternoon of the July festival.
Schools are invited to contact Cobwebs by emailing cobwebsoffice@yahoo.
A HOUSEPROUD gran died as she tried to brush cobwebs from a bedroom ceiling, an inquest heard yesterday.
But what he does remember is that the basement contains more than boxes and cobwebs.
Cobwebs Scratch Orchestra is a new project for adults who play an instrument at any level.
Sutherland Lyall brings in the New Year with some refreshing sites to help clear away the Yuletide cobwebs.
Mr Grant claimed the hose extension suddenly knocked him down his stairs as he tried to clean high cobwebs at his Aberdeen home in March 2002.
When the enthusiastic author and traveller, Arthur Mee came to the area to compile his 1936 Warwickshire edition of The King's England, the same house, known as Cobwebs, was very nearly new.