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Any author who appears on the 'marquee' after the first-named author of a research report, literature review or other scientific communication
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Jan Chylik, University of East Anglia, "Stochastic Parametrisation of the Boundary Layer Fluxes in Cold-Air Outbreaks" (coauthor: I.
Various benefits of coauthor communities have been suggested.
However, comparing the coauthor, empirical, and new author means before and after the installation of the Internet may be deceptive as all have exhibited generally increasing secular trends.
"The Effect of Gender-Sorting on Propensity to CoAuthor: Implications for Academic Promotion." Economic Inquiry, January 1992, 30, pp.
One has the impression that Jamison chatted more or less at random into a tape recorder, and that neither her coauthor, Howard Kaplan, nor her copy editor at Doubleday made the slightest effort to organize the material or even to check grammatical and factual errors.
Most conservation and rewilding efforts focus on animals that went extinct after Columbus came to America, but that approach is flawed, argue Donlan and his coauthors in those publications.
The analysis uses uniquely detailed individual and job-level data for PhD economists included in nearly four decades of American Economic Association (AEA) membership to examine the role of networks on the joint decision to publish and coauthor. The unique matching process of PhD economists between academic and nonacademic jobs and within the hierarchy of academic departments along with the relative ease of observing joint research provide a rare opportunity to distinguish differential network access and measure joint production.
According to Amy Wilson, coauthor of the online "The Death of Tara, the Fall of Willow, and the Dead-Evil Lesbian Cliche FAQ," the show was successful in its lesbian portrayal: "Up until the finale of season 6, [Willow and Tara] were treated with remarkable sensitivity and realism, even if their onscreen sex life was mostly nonexistent.
But Beauty Secrets coauthor Jane Houlihan says neither women's exposure to DBP via cosmetics nor the human health effects of DBP exposure have ever been measured.
The newly documented cooling occurred throughout the top 750 m of ocean and seems to have extended to deeper waters as well, says study coauthor Josh K.
For this premiere, we asked Charisse Jones, a New York correspondent for USA Today and coauthor of Shifting: The Double Lives of Black Women in America (HarperCollins, September 2003, $25.95, ISBN 0-060-09054-4), to share the experience of preparing her first book, an inventive nonfiction work based on original research conducted with Kumea Shorter-Gooden, Ph.D.