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Any author who appears on the 'marquee' after the first-named author of a research report, literature review or other scientific communication
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Whether female academics are disadvantaged by gender-sorting behavior will depend on whether research productivity is adversely affected by a lack of opportunities to coauthor and on how administrators measure the individual contributions of coauthors when making decisions on salaries and promotions.
The coauthors of the new paper read much like a Who's Who of the opposing camp, which seeks bird ancestors more ancient than the dinosaurs.
Life-saving treatment for rabies in the United States can cost $1,000 per person, says study coauthor Charles E.
Cimbala is the coauthor of the textbook Indoor Air Quality Engineering: Environmental Health and Control of Indoor Pollutants (2003), published by Marcel-Dekker, Inc.
They found that having a specific genetic variation in the DNA in and around the ACE gene accounted for roughly 38 percent of the differences in blood pressure between brothers, says study coauthor Eric Boerwinkle, a human geneticist at Texas.
Our business case shows that the ROI for these new Wireless Broadband technologies is significantly better than for 3G," stated Bob Larribeau, Principal Analyst at TelecomView and coauthor of this report.
Breast milk contains other complex carbohydrates that may protect against disease-causing organisms, says study coauthor Ardythe L.
We need to look at [members of random] families in the Ashkenazi population who live long enough--and see who has the mutation, who gets colon cancer, and who doesn't," says Bert Vogelstein of Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Balti more, a coauthor of the earlier study.
Herzlinger and her coauthor, Ramin Parsa-Parsi, MD, MPH, urge the same kind of universal access and consumer control in this country, which currently has 45 million citizens uninsured.
The author or coauthor of more than 100 articles and book chapters, he has also published more than 85 abstracts.
Introducing yet another twist in an extraordinarily long-running probe of scientific fraud, Nobel laureate David Baltimore says he now regrets his vigorous defense of a coauthor on a 1986 paper published in CELL.
Brawley's professional activities have included: National Cancer Institute (NCI) Coordinator and Project Officer of the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial, NCI Coordinator of the Minority Based Community Clinical Oncology Program, and coauthor and associate investigator in several protocols approved by the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center Investigational Review Committee.