coating material

coating material,

n a biologically acceptable, usually porous nonmetal applied over the surface of a metallic implant with the expectation that tissue ingrowth will occur in the pores. Often a carbon polymer or ceramic substance.
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The rework technician, or his or her supervisor, must often determine what type of coating material is being used--materials range from acrylics to epoxies.
PAINT & COATING MATERIAL DEMAND (million dollars) % Annual Growt Item 1989 1999 2004 99/89 04/99 Paint & Coating Materials Demand 4178 6795 8928 5.
New Partnerships with GVision, eTurboTouch and CN Innovations, and Inclusion in New LG Products Reflect Faster Pace of Cambrios' ClearOhm[TM] Coating Material Technology Adoption
To prevent this from happening, cover lens manufacturers deposit an anti-mar coating material that bonds with the surface of a cover lens using PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) or spray process.
01 to 5 mass %, and graphitic particles and/or amorphous carbon particles, wherein the amount of the vapor grown carbon fiber is 10 to 90 mass %, the amount of the graphitic particles is 0 to 65 mass %, and the amount of the amorphous carbon particles is 0 to 35 mass %; (2) an electrically conductive composition comprising the carbonaceous material for forming an electrically conductive composition, and a producing method thereof; (3) an electrically conductive coating material comprising, as an electrically conductive material, the electrically conductive composition, and an electrically conductive coating film and electric device using the electrically conductive coating material.
Small volumes and precision control of the conformal coating material enable line widths down to 1.
Notably-their recycling network system for their semiconductor material, the way they reuse coating material to protect pipelines, how they convert diesel to hydropower and how they reduced their landfill deposits by 94% in 2005 (compared with 2000).
The superabsorbent material is capable of selectively removing a portion of part of a specific component of a complex fluid, while the coating material is capable of selectively removing a portion of an amount of one other specific component of the complex fluid.
This measurement requires the coating material to be poured into a volumetric vessel.
Coating material and amine catalyst are joined using a proprietary VIC amine generator.