coating material

coating material,

n a biologically acceptable, usually porous nonmetal applied over the surface of a metallic implant with the expectation that tissue ingrowth will occur in the pores. Often a carbon polymer or ceramic substance.
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The demand for paper coating material market is influenced by the growing consumption of paper for various purposes such as Packaging, office paper, stationery, corrugated boxes, wallpaper and bookbinding.
To prevent this from happening, cover lens manufacturers deposit an anti-mar coating material that bonds with the surface of a cover lens using PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) or spray process.
Hanging small parts on racks, robotically spraying parts individually or using dip spin machines with primer and adhesive wastes gallons of coating material, which can dramatically reduce profitability.
The comparative study of different coating materials sheds insight into coating material selection and process optimization.
Durability is concerned with life expectancy or endurance characteristics of the coating material.
The companies plan to create a product based on Cambrios proprietary ClearOhm coating material and technology which is optimized for the TFT-LCD production process, and hope to combine sales, marketing and technical service capability with product development programs.
With the goal of developing a waterborne coating material that prevents staining, organic-inorganic composites prepared from colloidal silica and two types of acrylic resin emulsions were investigated as exterior coatings.
Coating application temperature and layer thickness are also issues, as higher deposit temperature or a build-up of coating material can affect substrate dimensions.
Chitosan has good adhesion onto cellulose and could be used as an environmentally friendly coating material.
The new coating material staves off clotting because its copper ions catalyze the production of nitric oxide in the blood, says Mark Meyerhoff of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.
Coating Material Comprising Linear Isotactic Polymers: No.