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Tyrosinase and tyrosinase related protein 1 alleles specify domestic cat coat color phenotypes of the albino and brown loci.
In horses, SLC45A2 is known as the "cream gene," and mutations can result in a range of lighter horse coat colors, from the tanner palomino:
For example, if some of the animals used for generating a high alcohol-consuming selected line by chance have a somewhat lighter coat color than the animals in the original population, the inbreeding inherent in generating the selected line may result in a population with a lighter coat color, even though coat color is unrelated to alcohol consumption.
These authors demonstrated that maternal dietary genistein supplementation of mice during gestation at levels comparable to humans consuming high soy diets shifted the coat color of heterozygous viable yellow agouti ([A.
Black wolves received a gene for coat color from domesticated dogs through interspecies mating, researchers report online February 5 in Science.
A radiant silver powder coat color option is also now available for all RailingWorks standard railing profiles.
For an upgraded charge, cabinets can also be coated with powder coat color or clear Protect-A-Coat finish to prevent damage from chlorine or salt water, and harsh weather like rain, severe wind and snow.
The researchers assessed offspring coat color and body weight, traits that can vary with methylation (a mechanism in which methyl groups attach to DNA where cytosine bases occur consecutively).
In an unconventional evolutionary twist, dogs that bred with wolves thousands of years ago ceded a genetic mutation encoding dark coat color to their former ancestors.
Enormous progress with MC1R gene polymorphisms has been achieved in relation to coat color variations in vertebrate animals (Robins et al.