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Most of the kids who go to Langdon live in the low-income apartment complexes that ring the North Hills elementary school - far from the more upscale neighborhoods where these coats lining the hallway at Langdon came from.
It's the coat that my own mother used to wear seemingly day and night during those chilly Georgia winters when you didn't even attempt to start the Jeepster except by pushing it down the street.
The second is a three-coat system consisting of CH AP134 primer, a second coat of CH 205 primer and a topcoat of CH 220 adhesive.
They were all running around on the playground comparing their new coats with each other, just loving them,'' says Kirman.
Dust-control precautions included application of a clear sealer coat on the concrete floor of the finishing area, removal of all cardboard containers, and restricting human activity in the application area to a minimum.
Comparison of samples at 12 gsm coat weight and Janus calendered at 225 kN/m showed a reduction in PP[S.
Besides supplying Avloy in high-gloss, low-gloss, metallic, and solid colors, Avery Dennison also can introduce printed patterns or designs between the base coat and clear coal.
Dipping continued until 8 coats (plus a seal) coat had been applied, with the weight loss measured for each coat.
He says Carbide will "try to evaluate the benefits to the user--maybe he can do one thicker coat instead of two thin ones; or he eliminates emission fees per ton; or he saves on the cost of solvents he doesn't use.
The top graph shows the rate of drying for a 20 [micro]m primer coat, while the bottom is for a 100 [micro]m main coat or retouch.
Airco recently installed a pilot-scale system to coat 500-1000 bottles/hr.
Powered by industry-leading technology from Blue Coat Systems[R], the MX Logic Web Defense Service comprises two core offerings - Threat Control and Content Control, which can be sold individually or combined as Total Control.