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Heparin-COAted Stents in Small Coronary Arteries Trial. A trial assessing the safety and efficacy of heparin stent implantation in small coronary arteries
Primary endpoints Major acute coronary events or event-free survival at 6 months
Conclusion Heparin-coated stents are no different than non-coated stents or PTCA in terms of restenosis
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The 100-foot tall coaster will take riders forward and backward on a gigantic loop before suspending them upside down, officials said.
We talk about roller coasters having bragging rights and that usually involves setting records," says roller coaster guru and editor of US theme park trade magazine Park World, Paul Ruben.
When it debuted 25 years ago, the coaster broke records as the tallest lift and the longest drop on a wooden coaster.
The longest roller coaster in the US is at Kings Island in Ohio.
Is Society ready to accept a "real life (coaster) Hunger Games," which anyone can "star" in by just paying for an admission ticket to a coaster park and signing a Liability Release?
Currentlythe simulation offers 37 different coaster styles including 4D, spinning, wooden, flying, inverted, and suspended.
The Colossus at Thorpe Park is the world's first 10 looping roller coaster with the UK's only quadruple barrel roll.
The fury of the storm was such that it wrecked parts of Casino Pier and tore away the roller coaster from the boardwalk.
This transforms stored potential energy into kinetic energy, which keeps the coaster in motion.
Students in the class design actual, roller coasters via computer.
Wardley is helping design another world first coaster for Alton Towers, set to open next year.
Computer support specialist, roller coaster connoisseur