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1. cash on delivery
2. cause of death
3. collect on delivery


abbreviation for cause of death.


Cause of death


scrotum and contents.

cod fat
a mass of fat around the inguinal part of the cord; reaches its greatest development in castrated ruminants.
cod lock
wool from the scrotum; usually heavily stained with yolk.


cystic ovarian degeneration.

Patient discussion about COD

Q. Have you heard of CoD(tm) Tea and Nutritional System to treat cancer? Does it apply to brain cancer too? There have already been 6 brain tumors. A friend told me about this tea that's supposed to help, in addition to chemo, against malignant tumors. Have any of you heard of it? If it works, why is there so little research about it?

A. I'm OK - it's my mom. We live from MRI to MRI (a month to the next one) LOL.

Thanks for the encouragement!

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Marsden rock edges have also been worth a cast, with codling to 21/2lb and also the odd coalfish.
Quick identity tip - a coalfish lateral line is straight from head to tail but a pollack lateral is clearly arched over its pectoral fin.
South Shields pier has seen codling to 4lb and good numbers of coalfish on some tides but next to nothing on others.
The River Tyne has given some decent flounders up to 11/2lb on fish strip and crab baits, plus still lots of small codling and coalfish.
The nine who fished caught 33 fish made up of 20 flounder, four eels, and nine coalfish.
Coalfish, dab flounder and the odd codling made up the bulk of catches in BOTAC's matches, Dave Hayley taking seven fish for 3lb 15oz, the best a coalfish of 1lb 1oz.
Coalfish, dabs and the odd plaice have also been taken from the pier.
The longest round fish was a coalfish caught by Bernard Westgarth.
It was completely different in their retired members match with a mixture of codling, flounder, dab and coalfish taken.
Roker pier has given one or two mackerel, but the majority of species have been undersized codling and coalfish, with whiting at night.
In total 18 flounder, four rockling, a coalfish and two eelpouts where weighed in.
Coalfish have also been taken from South Shields pier along with a few codling to 2.