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Condition whereby blood is transformed from a liquid into a semisolid mass.
Synonym(s): clotted.
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(kō-ăg′ū-lāt) [L. coagulare, to congeal]
To solidify; to change from a fluid state to a semisolid mass.
coagulated (kō-ăg′ū-lāt-ĕd), adjective
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However, for the hot coagulated samples, tan [delta] < 1 at low frequencies indicating the dominance of the elastic nanotube network at long time scales.
It will be coagulated, and I have to cut it separately before I progress to the next bite of tissue.
The modified silica slurry is blended with a rubber latex, which is then coagulated to form the silica masterbatch.
Hokusai, 2004, a diptych, joins one panel--in which twenty imperfect, not-quite-primary-colored rectangles beckon like doorways, while a single black rectangle takes on the resonance of a black hole--with another panel of overlapping, lyrical wave shapes, the swells piled one upon the next in coagulated motion.
The vascular supply to the gland is coagulated and ligated while both the facial artery and the posterior facial vein are preserved.
As filler for internal loading to paper, the spherical hollow particles maintained sheet density of handsheets with only minimal density reduction, and effectively increased specific light scattering coefficient (probably because of their porous structure.) This optical effect was higher than for conventional ground calcium carbonate, but lower than for commercial coagulated scalenohedral particles with a large surface area.
As the remaining volume of samples was kept under observation, it was possible to observe that the tannin formulations were still fluid, with no sign of coagulation after a period of four months, whereas the controls with no tannin were all coagulated. This observation confirmed previous non-published experiments.
(1) In light of the large number and irregular course of the varicose vessels and their lateral positions, they were not removed with a vascular knife; instead they were gently retracted even farther away from the vocal ligament and coagulated superficially with a C[O.sup.2] laser.
Solution-rubber crumb in an aqueous suspension is mixed into the latex emulsion, which is coagulated, and a crumb is recovered, further homogenized, dried and baled to yield the silica masterbatch.
With proven, single pass equipment which has an extremely small footprint RAS is very applicable for the drying of coagulated blood, ground bone slurry, offal and DAF sludge.