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The foam structure created is held in place when heated air cells expand and egg protein coagulates.
The FMwand simultaneously cuts and coagulates tissue without passing electrical current into the patient, making it safe to use near delicate tissue structures.
The blade simultaneously cuts and coagulates tissue by breaking hydrogen bonds, denaturing protein, and creating a sticky coagulum, thus coapting the small blood vessels.
Domain Surgical's FMwand product line is based upon patent-pending thermal surgical technology, whereby a surgical implement can be rapidly heated to consistently deliver pure thermal energy to cut and coagulate soft tissue.
The LaparoSonic coagulating shears (LCS), which cut, coagulate, grasp, dissect, and probe, may be the only instrument you will need for most laparoscopic procedures, Dr.
As with all FMwand Surgical Tips, the extended length tips simultaneously cut and coagulate without passing electrical current into the patient, making them safe to use near delicate tissue structures.
The scissors simultaneously cut and coagulate in one step, reducing instrument changes and overall operating time.
A BROKEN raw egg is easier to clear up if you sprinkle table salt on the gooey mess as it causes the egg white to coagulate.
Second, some clays swell in seawater and coagulate into fluff, or what Sengco describes as "marine snow.
Suppliers will be able to blend and coagulate latices rationally to achieve desired values of E and V.
Not only did it coagulate a specific area, but with its plasma beam, the Canady Vieira Hybrid Plasma Scalpel(TM) could 'spray' a larger area to coagulate a general area, which is needed in direct anterior hip replacements and knee replacements to stop oozing of the synovium.
The PK[TM] Technology platform allows surgeons to perform a variety of procedures with a broad range of devices that cut, coagulate and seal to minimize blood loss and shorten procedure times PK Technology provide unique, pulsed, low-voltage RF energy to resect rapidly at low temperatures, virtually eliminating tissue charring.