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A quasi-formal teaching format in the UK which consists of a one-to-one relationship between a doctor or manager and a student/apprentice that aims to teach and improve performance, usually by focusing on achieving predefined objectives within a specific time period. The role of the coach is to create a supportive environment in which to challenge and develop the critical thinking skills, ideas and behaviour of the person being coached, so that they might reach their full potential.

Sport medicine
The provision of skilled and experience-based training and assistance to one or more athletes, often by personnel who once practised the same sport, to improve the athletes’ skill in the sport of interest.
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Patient discussion about coaching

Q. I am not comfortable with my coach so what else can I do to …. I joined swimming to feel better and to get rid of my present health issues. Now I can stay afloat. I am not comfortable with my coach so what else can I do to ….

A. well MarkelForest, welcome, it appears that you are human :)
i myself try to stay in shape and continue my regular workouts. but from some reason i always find excuses (and damn good ones!) why not go out running, why not go swimming. we came to the mathematical conclusion that :
a good excuse = what we want in life
i want to be a in shape? not having enough time equals staying in shape...

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If you're a blocked artist, Coaching the Artist Within will certainly help you get to the root of what is troubling you, while always spurring you forward to do more, more deeply, and more meaningfully.
Sixty percent were able to identify specific financial benefits that came as a result of their coaching. The return on investment for this particular company was 788 percent and clients characterized the coaching interactions as "rich learning conversations that fostered self-examination."
In fact, they did not even meet the minimal standards required by the State of Maryland for persons providing vocational or job coaching service (Developmental Disabilities, 1986).
Life Strategies Coaching: An introductory life coaching training on techniques and business models.
He was horrified to find that only half of them had had a session with their coach and of those who had, only 50 per cent described the coaching as useful.
Administrators who are meticulous with their homework in examining strength/conditioning coaching candidates look first to education.
Timothy Hoekman is a professor of vocal coaching and accompanying at The Florida State University.
If you've thought, or someone else has suggested, that you might benefit from coaching, get references from the dissatisfied people a coach worked with.
Every so often, you hear or read about someone in the coaching profession, football or otherwise, who has done something underhanded or totally unprofessional.
To be honest with you, of all of the jobs I've ever had, the one I really, truly enjoyed the most was teaching and coaching in high school.
Enhancing executive coaching's popularity is the fact that mid- to senior-level executives realize that they need mentoring no matter how high up the corporate ladder they go.
The Trailblazer Award was created by the AFCA to honor a significant minority coach from a historically black college or university who has a profound impact on his institution, the coaching profession, student-athletes, and the game of football.