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To provide suggestions, feedback, direction, training, and redirection to another person or to a group or team to improve the ability to perform a task well.
2. One who provides such suggestions, feedback, direction, or training.

health coach

One who educates, encourages, and motivates another to achieve improved fitness or wellness.
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109) For a history of the various multiplicity tests, see Breslin & Coacher, supra note 6, at 102-09.
No obstante, en general, suelen seleccionarse problematicas suficientemente dramaticas para sus protagonistas, de manera que, de un lado, justifiquen la intervencion del coacher y, de otro, atraigan y conserven el interes del espectador a lo largo de la narracion.
The situated classroom is able to convey information between learners and coachers while the learning strategies are deployed.
D'autres etudes doivent evaluer la faisabilite, l'acceptabilite et l'efficacite d'employer des pairs ou des benevoles pour coacher l'autogestion des patients;
The batter hit a Texas Leaguer and it was obvious to the coacher on third base that it was going over the head of the shortstop.
See also Moody & Coacher, supra note 6, at 171; WEINSTEIN'S FEDERAL EVIDENCE [section] 609.
Steve Coacher from Royal Windermere is the overall leader.
Lieutenant Colonel LeEllen Coacher, Permitting Systems Protection Monitoring: When the Government Can Look and What It Can See, 46 A.
Durant cet evenement, des ateliers de mentorat, des tables rondes sont prevus afin d'integrer des entrepreneurs actifs et inspires a travers le monde pour coacher, conseiller les futurs entrepreneurs dans la realisation de leur reve.
Actualites Eecrit par Azzedine Hnyen Sollicite pour coacher les Lions de l'Atlas Le selectionneur national des jeunes, Pim Verbbek, a mis fin a toutes les rumeurs et supputations selon lesquelles il serait l'entraEneur potentiel des Lions de l'Atlas lors du match amical Maroc- Gabon prevu le 5 mars a Marrakech.
Another tactic they employed was for the coacher on third to break down the line with the runner, and when the runner stopped, continue down the line in an attempt to decoy a wild throw, or simply rattle the pitcher.

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