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To provide suggestions, feedback, direction, training, and redirection to another person or to a group or team to improve the ability to perform a task well.
2. One who provides such suggestions, feedback, direction, or training.

health coach

One who educates, encourages, and motivates another to achieve improved fitness or wellness.
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(109) For a history of the various multiplicity tests, see Breslin & Coacher, supra note 6, at 102-09.
A mobile learning environment should have learner and coacher combined with enhanced pedagogical learning strategies.
- Honda Safety Navi contains two kinds of programs "Eco-Drive" helps users learn key points of eco-driving and "SD Coacher" helps the user learn key points of safe driving.
The batter hit a Texas Leaguer and it was obvious to the coacher on third base that it was going over the head of the shortstop.
Des encadreurs et des responsables affilies a la ligue ont la responsabilite de coacher les nombreux [beaucoup moins que] potaches [beaucoup plus grand que], heureux d'enfourcher un VTT ou un BMX pour la premiere fois.
Hartz Mountain Corporation, Adam Coacher, Senior Director Marketing, 800-275-1414, P.
analysis, at A22-47 (2008) [hereinafter MCM] ("The application of Rule 403 is unclear."); see also James Moody & LeEllen Coacher, A Primer on Methods of Impeachment, 45 A.F.
LeEllen Coacher, supra note 16, at 114 (explaining that "by
Steve Coacher from Royal Windermere is the overall leader.

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