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1. Any of the scales or magnitudes that serve to define the position of a point.
2. To perform the act of coordination.
[see coordination]
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x, y, z--cartesian co-ordinates (fixed xOyz--frame);
Street Champions co-ordinates a network of volunteers who report problems such as litter, graffiti and vandalism to the appropriate authorities.
Dr Blackman-Woods said: "I am delighted to have been asked to help the Prime Minister, the regional Minister, Nick Brown, and the whole Ministerial team in helping to co-ordinate our economic and business policies for the North East.
Former chief inspector of schools Chris Woodhead also said the exam boards could better co-ordinate the exam timetables.
Codenamed Wycombe Warrior, the forces will co-ordinate high-flying Awacs' (Airborne Warning and Control System) communication with low-flying aircraft.
Fenty will gather Anglicans engaged in ministries in their parishes and their communities to co-ordinate resources, said Bishop Johnson.
The clean hospital watchdogs will co-ordinate the fight against superbugs, and be charged with improving hygiene.
Currently, the two communities co-ordinate special events such as snowmobiling, and dog-sled and drag races.
Jones was then in Brussels for his first formal contact with EU officials to co-ordinate the conference.
To co-ordinate the transportation and distribution of medicine, CFTC is working in Canada and Haiti with International Child Care, one of its three local partners in the Port-au-Prince area.
Iraq and the United States promised to co-ordinate military operations and work in partnership to help safeguard the country's security after the transfer of sovereignty on June 30, in letters between the two nations.