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This is a 21-member board that provides judicial advocacy through co-counseling with local program attorneys and volunteer pro bono attorneys and provides legislative and administrative advocacy on policies impacting the legal rights of the poor, as well as providing civil legal assistance to indigent persons who would not otherwise have the means to obtain a lawyer.
Other topics discussed include communication with colleagues while in training; personal development and journals; co-counseling; counseling skills; academic assignments; ethical, legal, and relational issues; residencies; research; finding a job; certification, registration, and accreditation; and professional considerations like self-care.
A formal ethics opinion on Bar members co-counseling with out-of-state lawyers who work for firms that are partially owned by nonlawyers has become final following its presentation to the Bar Board of Governors.
This opinion addresses Florida Bar members in co-counseling and dividing fees with out-of-state lawyers with whom the Florida Bar members are permitted to divide fees as noted above, and in which the out-of-state lawyers practice in law firms with nonlawyer ownership as permitted by the other jurisdiction.