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Any author who appears on the 'marquee' after the first-named author of a research report, literature review or other scientific communication
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Joseph is co-author of High-Impact Hiring: A Comprehensive Guide to Performance-Based Hiring and is co-author of a monthly newspaper column titled "On Management.
The faculty at 15 AACSB accredited colleges of business who had co-authored published articles in business journals were surveyed for their views on: 1) the impact of AACSB on faculty scholarly efforts, 2) the preferred order of author listing on a published article, and 3) whether they had worked with co-authors who did not deserve an authorship position on a published work.
What is the extent of co-authorship arrangements with co-authors who have done very little work on a published article?
The award was presented to the two co-authors at the Amsterdam RAI Congress Centre by Dr.
Cnaan and his co-authors reveal that religious congregations make a very significant contribution to social welfare not only in terms of the goods and services they deliver but in terms of their wider educational and advocacy role.
Despite the impressive credentials of the three co-authors, however, the tone of their writing tends to be somewhat amateurish, and the scope of their literary criticism is far broader than it is deep; indeed, they seem throughout to be working just a little too hard to prove their thesis in order to distinguish their own efforts from those of others who have catalogued and analyzed King's writings before them.
Valley Democrats who signed on as co-authors are Assembly members Wally Knox, D-Los Angeles; Tony Cardenas, D-Panorama City; Sheila Kuehl, D-Encino; and Scott Wildman, D-Glendale.
No more than a quarter of Russian companies are clear winners, and only a small number of those firms are likely tO be able tO finance their modernization out of their profits" Of the 75 percent of the firms "in need of radical and far-reaching restructuring," Professor Blasi and his co-authors say, "at least a quarter.
Flinn and Berdeja served as co-authors on 12 other abstracts that were accepted for presentation at the meeting.
Development of Supercarburizing for Improving Pitting and Scuffing Resistance" by Seung Gyun Ahn, assistant Section Chief, Materials Research Team, Central Research Center, Hyundai, and co-authors, Seung Cheal Jung, Seun Cheal Kim and Tae Won Lim.
The findings are filtered through humorous and often combative prose from co-authors Ken Berwitz (Republican) and Barry Sinrod (Democrat).