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Any author who appears on the 'marquee' after the first-named author of a research report, literature review or other scientific communication
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For scientific papers with two authors, the ethnic groups for which the ratio of the actual number of ethnically similar co-authors to the number that would be expected based on random matching was closest to one are Anglo-Saxon/English and European, for which the ratios are modestly greater than one.
In addition, the impact of AACSB-International on research endeavors of business faculty was to be determined as well as the preferred arrangement of listing co-authors on a published work.
The co-authors go on to point out more differentiations in their definitions, as well as provide a comprehensive analysis of architectural components and an overview of the past and present state of these technologies.
News stories constantly question the effectiveness of a given supplement and often erroneously report that this industry is unregulated," said panel co-moderator Terry Graedon, co-author of "The People's Pharmacy.
com), legislative advisor on privacy and security to Clearswift and co-author of the white paper.
Other co-authors include Kun Ping Lu, a co-discoverer of the Pin1 enzyme and chairman of the Pintex scientific advisory board, and Gerburg Wulf, both of Harvard Medical School; and Gustavo E.
Morial, newly appointed President and CEO of the National Urban League and former two-term Mayor of New Orleans; Ted Childs, Vice President of Workforce Diversity for IBM; Rodney O'Neal, President, Delphi Corporation's Dynamics, Propulsion and Thermal Sector; author, businessman and motivational speaker, Stedman Graham; Ancella Livers and Keith Caver, co-authors of the newly published LEADING IN BLACK AND WHITE: Working Across the Racial Divide in Corporate America; networking guru and author of SUCCESS RUNS IN OUR RACE: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO EFFECTIVE NETWORKING IN THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN COMMUNITY, George Fraser; Dr.
Cutover was March 20 at the Richmond offices, assisted on-site by Okapi's founder and CEO John Matze, one of the co-authors of the iSCSI standard, along with Read Branch, Davenport's Senior Vice President of Information Services.
Co-authors of the proposed specification include representatives of a number of leading companies such as Hutchison 3G, Oracle, and Navigation Technologies.
The ipXcelerator was installed last month with on-site assistance by Okapi's founder and CEO John Matze, one of the co-authors of the iSCSI standard.
Co-authors Kelsey August and Sara Singer believe the answer is a firm "yes" and have created a cookbook with more than 150 simple, clear, user-friendly recipes.