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Any author who appears on the 'marquee' after the first-named author of a research report, literature review or other scientific communication
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The finding showed professors inserted their children as co-authors of dissertations in 82 cases between February 2007 and October 2017.
She was joined by the book's co-author, Lindsay Cummings.
The ordering of the co-authors names is usually done on the basis of their contribution in a paper and trend of alphabetical ordering is reducing over time [2].
Dr Stefanos Karampelas (Gubelin Gem Lab, Lucerne, Switzerland) discussed recent research on zircon inclusions in blue sapphires done by Emilie Elmaleh (University of Geneva, Switzerland) and their co-authors. Potentially locality-specific characteristics of the zircon inclusions consist of cathodoluminescence zoning features and U-Pb age data, but more research is needed before they can be applied to the origin determination of sapphire.
It is our view that at primarily undergraduate institutions, peer-reviewed publication with undergraduate co-authors is frequently viewed equally highly or perhaps valued even more highly than publications authored solely by faculty members.
Co-authors with a larger number of previous papers were less likely to co-author a paper with someone of the same ethnicity, suggesting that they are able to draw on a larger network of potential collaborators outside their ethnic group.
Grandjean said that the line-up has now grown to a dozen "bona fide brain drainers" asserting that's twice as many chemicals as he and co-author Philip Landrigan, chairman of the department of preventative medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, listed in their first review of the science in 2006.
Aviation company XOJET announced on Thursday that a memeber of its Advisory Council, Reza Taleghani has co-authored a new book titled Aircraft Finance: Strategies for Managing Costs in a Turbulent Industry.
The Qatar-based authors gathered and signed the books during the launch, making the event the largest book signing by co-authors of any anthology in Qatar and the region.
In the paper, Co-Authors Daniel Li, Quantitative Analyst, MPI; Michael Markov, CEO of MPI; and Russ Wermers, Associate Professor of Finance at University of Maryland's Smith School of Business introduce a new method for investors to estimate daily returns in advance of the monthly reporting they usually receive.