clupanodonic acid

clu·pan·o·don·ic ac·id

(klū-pan'ō-don'ik as'id),
An ω-3 fatty acid with 22 carbons and five double bonds; found in fish oils and phospholipids in brain.
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The levels of C14:1 n-7; C18:1 t-11 (vaccenic acid); C17:1 n-9 (8-heptadecenoic acid); C18:0 (stearic acid); C18:2 n-6 (linoleic acid); 18:3 n-6 ([gamma]-linolenic acid); C18:3 n-3 ([alpha]-linolenic acid); C18:2 cis-9 trans-11 (conjugated linoleic acid-CLA); C20:4 n-6 (arachidonic acid); C22:0 (behenic acid); C20:5 n-3 (timnodonic acid-EPA); C22:5 n-3 (clupanodonic acid - DPA) and C22:6 n-3 (cervonic acid-DHA) were similar (p>0.05) among animals from the different genetic groups.
A significant decrease in the level of linoleic and clupanodonic acids (by about 12 and 18% respectively) was found in rats which had drunk alcohol and sweet grass beverage in comparison with the ethanol group.