carbonated water

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car·bon·at·ed wa·ter

, carbonic water
water that contains a considerable amount of carbonic acid in solution.
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Because carbon dioxide is a general anesthetic, historically used on fish (3), we also chose to investigate the effects of club soda.
Try this: Put a piece of orange, lemon, or lime peel in a glass of club soda or seltzer.
Instead, he suggests saturating the stains with club soda (the bubbles help break up the mess).
Say "no" to tonic water and "yes" to club soda as a mixer.
50 ounces of simple syrup 4 cubes of cucumbers 1 ounce club soda The juice of half a fresh lime
Whisk in club soda until smooth, thin batter forms.
9:40 MAKING THE DAPHNIA HEART RATE LAB WORK: OPTIMIZING THE USE OF CLUB SODA AND ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL, Cassandra Major *, Diana Diaz * and Frank Corotto, North Georgia College & State University, Dahlonega, GA 30597.
With Purista Mojito, bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts are able to create first-class cocktails by just adding rum and club soda.
SOFT drinks giant Britvic has snapped up the Ballygowan water and Club soda brands.
To make a mojito, simply mix the can contents with rum and club soda and pour over ice.

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