carbonated water

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car·bon·at·ed wa·ter

, carbonic water
water that contains a considerable amount of carbonic acid in solution.
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If you do not like the strong smell of vinegar, you can substitute it with undiluted lemon juice or club soda.
And remember that even healthy juice contains calories, so stick to a small, 4-ounce glass once daily, or mix it with club soda or seltzer water to make it go further.
Mediterranean Tonic joins Fever-Tree Tonic Water, Naturally Light Tonic Water, Bitter Lemon, Club Soda, Ginger Ale and Ginger Beer.
Dirty Jane is a blend of vodka, Chambord raspberry liqueur, sugar syrup, club soda and a squeeze of fresh lemons and limes, and garnished with raspberries and blackberries.
Dirty Jane is a blend of vodka, Chambord raspberry liqueur, sugar syrup, club soda, while Deadly Jane has dark Alnwick rum and white rum, apricot brandy, orange and pineapple juice.
1 (64-ounce) bottle grape juice 1 (6-ounce) can frozen lemonade, thawed 1/2 cup sugar 1(10-ounce) bottle club soda 1 thinly sliced orange 1 thinly sliced lemon
of Monin Sugar Free Strawberry Syrup and fill with club soda.
rice flour, cornstarch and club soda and mix with whisk until smooth.
Mojito de sandia y cereza 1 cocktail * 3 ramitas de menta fresca * 1/4 de taza de pure de sandia * 1 cdta jarabe de cereza o granadina * 3 cdas de jugo de lima * 1/4 de taza de ron * 2 cdas de club soda * 1 rodaja de lima para adornar [ILUSTRACION OMITIR] Preparacion Coloque la menta en un vaso de vidrio alto y usando la parte posterior de una cuchara de madera, machaque hasta sacar el aceite.
We investigated whether club soda and isopropanol are suitable test agents.
French teacher Cindy Mauro, 34, and Spanish instructor Alini Brito, 30, had been out drinking at Nora's Park Bench Cafe in Marine Park, and after downing beers, shots and club soda they headed back to the school.
The Corned Beef Collins includes Irish whiskey and club soda, as well as some more unusual bar ingredients.

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