cloverleaf skull syndrome

clo·ver·leaf skull syn·drome

intrauterine bone dysplasia and synostosis of the coronal and lambdoid sutures of the cranium producing a trilobar head shape, sometimes associated with exophthalmos, and various craniofacial and long-bone anomalies; the condition is sporadic.
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A condition characterised by a deformity of the cranial vault in which a frontal film demonstrates a tri-lobed appearance caused by premature closure of the sutures, which is accompanied by hydrocephaly
Aetiology Thanatophoric dwarfism [MIM 148800], accompanied by a prominent forehead, depressed nasal bridge, shortened limbs, bowing of femora, epiphyseal cupping, flattened vertebral bodies, achondroplasia-like pelvis, often, but not invariably, associated with mental retardation
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S My 3-year-old daughter was born with Kleeblattschadel syndrome (cloverleaf skull syndrome).
Manchester Crown Court had earlier heard that psychiatric nurse Watts was devoted to Abigail, who was dubbed Britain's most disabled child after being born with the rare cloverleaf skull syndrome. She was deaf, could not swallow or close her eyes.