cloverleaf model

clo·ver·leaf mod·el

a model for the structure of tRNA; so named because the structure roughly resembles a cloverleaf.
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The new Giulietta Verde can hit 62mph in just six seconds, thanks to its newly-introduced launch control system and fuel consumption is down by 10 per cent from the previous Cloverleaf model with CO2 emissions down from 177 to 162 g/ km.
Buyers requiring the flagship specification and quicker propulsion are catered for as the Cloverleaf model covers all the bases.
This carries more than a hint of the legendary Alfa 8C Competizione which, along with some subtle differences in looks between the standard MiTo and the Cloverleaf model, such as bespoke alloys, headlight surrounds, wing mirror covers and a white triangular badge with the Cloverleaf logo, is definitely designed to appeal to an image-conscious young audience.
A souped-up 170bhp six-speed engine is available in the flagship Cloverleaf model but I think the 135bhp will be the choice for most people.
Having been available to order through the Alfa Romeo UK dealer network from early January 2010, the MiTo's MultiAir engine range marks the next technological step in the vehicle's already successful life - promising lower emissions and fuel consumption together with higher performance and greater driving pleasure - with Active Suspension as standard on the 170bhp Cloverleaf model.
Later came a 1490cc engine which was eventually tuned to power the ultimate Sud, the 105PS Green Cloverleaf model.
The MiTo and Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde or Cloverleaf models, which made their world debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March, are set to go on sale in the UK later this summer.
Weight has been kept to a minimum with 90% of the platform structure made up of ultra-high strength materials and offering 'comfort'' mode for the Turismo version and the Lusso test model here, while a more sport-orientated set-up is applied to the Veloce and Cloverleaf models, with the latter also featuring a lowered suspension.
All are turbo boosted to pack plenty of punch but it is the flagship Cloverleaf models which deliver the pure Alfa experience.
Pity there's no mention of special suspension or anything that will make the Cloverleaf models a bit more special to drive than the standard GT models.
75 TBi Cloverleaf models are at a premium, so you'll have to pay up to PS12,900 for a 2010 model and up to PS14,900 for a 2011 11-plate example.
All are turbo-boosted to pack plenty of punch but it is the flagship Cloverleaf models which deliver the pure Alfa experience.