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1. murky; turbid; not transparent.
2. marked by indistinct streaks.

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Q. how low one can get? i mean is there a way out?? or is it all the time cloudy like that? some one who knows please answer!

A. even though it doesn't seem that way- depression is not a constant state. it's actually an curable illness. it may take a while, it may take use of medication but it's curable and you don't have to live like that. going to psychiatrist is not a shame. it's a life saving action!
go, in about 3-5 weeks you won't believe how you felt that way before.
please believe me.
your mind is lying to you right now and it'll change.

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THURSDAY Folkestone Good; Dry for a time but mostly cloudy with light rain later.
David Williams of Ladbrokes said: "Earlier in the week it was a possibility, but we would be astonished if Cloudy Lane was to go off as short as Red Rum.
RAMALLAH, December 27, 2012 (WAFA) -- Thursday's weather is partially cloudy to clear with a minor rise in temperature to around 17 degrees Celsius, light to moderate northwesterly to northeasterly winds and low sea waves, according to the Palestine Weather service.
I tracked Mr Pointment for a long way, but Cloudy Lane was going so well that I had to go past him early in the straight and my horse put in a fantastic jump at the last.
Mainly cloudy for much of the day with the chance of a shower.
Abu Dhabi/Dubai: As National Day celebrations continue across the country, the weather is set to be cloudy with a chance of rain.
In its bulletin for Friday, the National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) in Abu Dhabi said: "Unsettled conditions will continue in general, and weather will be partly cloudy to cloudy with
The Meteorology Department expected in its Thursday bulletin that the weather will be from partly cloudy in general to cloudy sometimes, and rain showers are expected over most areas.
As for Friday, a further drop in temperatures is expected; therefore it will be relatively cold and partly cloudy to cloudy with scattered showers in the northern and central regions.
Temperatures slightly rise on Saturday through Sunday, with almost partly cloudy skies.
Such an imaging technique would represent a potentially attractive alternative to an approach based on the capture of only those few photons that manage to get through a cloudy liquid without being scattered widely (SN: 5/25/91, p.
CLOUDY LANE can shorten at the head of the market for the John Smith's Grand National on April 5 by fending off fellow Aintree candidate Mr Pointment in the Coolfun Ltd Grimthorpe Chase (3.