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1. murky; turbid; not transparent.
2. marked by indistinct streaks.

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Q. how low one can get? i mean is there a way out?? or is it all the time cloudy like that? some one who knows please answer!

A. even though it doesn't seem that way- depression is not a constant state. it's actually an curable illness. it may take a while, it may take use of medication but it's curable and you don't have to live like that. going to psychiatrist is not a shame. it's a life saving action!
go, in about 3-5 weeks you won't believe how you felt that way before.
please believe me.
your mind is lying to you right now and it'll change.

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Eichenlaub of Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo presented data showing an increase in cloudiness in Michigan.
It is likely that this can partially be explained by similar air humidity and cloudiness conditions at these sites.
If you notice any of the following, it is important to contact your veterinarian immediately, as it could point to an infection: discharge, tear-stained fur, red or white eyelid linings, cloudiness, redness, or swelling.
Three common reasons health inspectors are forced to temporarily shut down a pool are poor sanitizing levels of chlorine, a pH imbalance or water cloudiness.
Wednesday saw sporadic sunshine amid increased cloudiness and some rainfall.
Sunny weather is expected in Bulgaria on Thursday, with temporary cloudiness predominantly in the northern and eastern regions.
We have also established mass production technology for preventing cloudiness and cracks and for maintaining shape precision in the process of molding large-diameter lenses.
Tests taken last year, following concerns raised by Elliot, showed iron levels 27 times over the regulatory limit and cloudiness at 10 times what is deemed acceptable.
He further explained after the surprising declaration that although he has fine vision, he started seeing cloudiness around the objects.
Visual Inspections: After aging, the tubes were observed for visual changes in the color of the lubricant, the presence of cloudiness, particulate or deposit, corrosion of the metal surfaces and copper plating on the steel coupons.
Cloudiness and low vision are the initial symptoms of this disease and should not be ignored, he added.
He seemed confident, more knowledgeable and despite the cloudiness on the ultrasound monitor we could see our babies moving, which was a relief.