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a measure of duration. See under adjectives for specific times, such as bleeding time.
activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT, aPTT) the period required for clot formation in recalcified blood plasma after contact activation and the addition of platelet substitutes such as brain cephalins or similar phospholipids; used to assess the coagulation pathways. A prolonged aPTT can indicate a deficiency of any of various coagulation factors, including factors XII, XI, IX, VIII, X, V, and II, and fibrinogen.
AEC minimal response time the shortest duration at which x-ray exposure can be terminated by automatic exposure control.
atrioventricular sequential time a fixed nonprogrammable interval that extends from the atrial stimulus to the ventricular stimulus.
bleeding time the time required for a standardized wound to stop bleeding; used as a test for platelet disorders; see also bleeding time.
circulation time the time required for blood to flow between two given points; see also circulation time.
clotting time (coagulation time) the time required for blood to clot in a glass tube; see also clotting.
cold ischemia time the time between the placement of a traumatically amputated body part in ice and the time of surgical replantation.
inertia time the time required to overcome the inertia of a muscle after reception of a stimulus.
ischemia time the total time between traumatic amputation of a limb or portion of a limb and its surgical reimplantation; it is the sum of warm and cold ischemia times.
minimal response time in radiology, the shortest possible exposure time for an x-ray film to be exposed automatically.
one-stage prothrombin time prothrombin time.
prothrombin time see prothrombin time.
real time a term used to describe a recording device that shows events simultaneously to their occurrence.
thrombin time the time required for plasma fibrinogen to form thrombin; see also thrombin time.
warm ischemia time the time interval between traumatic amputation of a limb or part and its placement on ice.
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co·ag·u·la·tion time

temporal duration required for blood to coagulate.
Synonym(s): clotting time
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co·ag·u·la·tion time

(kō-ag'yū-lā'shŭn tīm)
Temporal duration required for blood to coagulate.
Synonym(s): clotting time.
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Q. i have a small blood clot above my heart that bother me dome times. i also have had bypass sugary this past march, my heart doctor says it has nothing to do with my heart, has anyone else had this problem and if so what or how have you dealt with it?

A. the heart doctor says it is so small that right now they cannot do any thing about ,but are trying to cure it with meds but so far it is not working

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After researching the industry's best practices, Silvercrest Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, a high acuity skilled nursing facility in Briarwood, N.Y., began its own trial to reduce the time it takes to receive blood test results for INR (International Normalized Ratio for blood clotting time) levels and the time frame for adjusting a resident's medication dose.