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After clotting had oc-curred, this was mounted above a microscope slide for microscopic inspection.
The objective of this study to measure coagulation time of skim milk by using Mucor miehei rennet at different pHs and temperatures, and determination of optimum milk clotting time with mathematical model depending on experimental data.
A traveler developing a blood clot may need to be tested for inherited clotting disorders and other conditions.
This bleeding disorder lacks some of the protein components of the clotting cascade, often referred to as the glue that helps a clot stick together.
This interaction - between a clotting factor and a cell membrane - has baffled scientists for decades.
Historically, each newly discovered factor within the clotting cascade has been allocated a roman numeral.
"In people with widespread clotting involving the thigh and pelvis, this more aggressive approach should be strongly considered."
Medicare's payment for clotting factor, like other outpatient drugs, is 95 percent of the average wholesale price (AWP), a price established for each drug by its manufacturer.
This project will determine whether blood clotting factor homologues are expressed in fiber type-specific muscle exposed to the atrophy of simulated microgravity.
Blood levels of several proteins associated with inflammation of the blood vessels and blood clotting were measured the morning before the marathon, within four hours after, and the morning after.
THE risk of suffering from fatal blood clotting during a flight, or 'economy class' syndrome, is greater than first thought, a new report claimed today.
* Blood clotting. Many heart attacks or strokes occur when a blood clot gets stuck in a partially clogged artery.