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closeout, closure

the finalization of a feeding program in a feedlot. The cattle are sold and a balance sheet is struck which includes the costs of feeding and housing or confining them.
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We have seasonals, housewares, furniture, toys and gifts - all at closeout prices.
It enabled the company to streamline the entire process and focus our resources on completing the closeout audits of a multi-billion dollar entity in an astonishingly efficient manner.
When faced with more deadlines than they could meet, contract managers simply set aside the less visible tasks such as contract closeout follow up.
DSD items such as milk and bread are also carried by some closeout retailers.
Bernadette Archuleta, Closeout News' general manager, says, "Consumers are more savvy about where to find the best merchandise for the best price.
Recognizing the importance of termination or closeout, netting, and collateral in financial market transactions, the Secretary of the Treasury on behalf of the President's Working Group on Financial Markets transmitted to the Congress, in March 1998, proposed legislation that would amend the banking laws and the Bankruptcy Code.
The closeout sections of the stores are areas of destination shopping and represent a significant portion of the company's business.
The value Wildcat Closeouts aims to deliver is not just limited to the customers.
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Closeout retailing is a special segment that is often not well understood.
Saturday's pratfall - the Lakers' first in 13 closeout games since June 2000 - came about when the Wolves channeled desperation into hustle and the Lakers failed to meet it.
John's proven track record of building businesses in growth environments will contribute to and build upon Big Lots' leadership role in closeout retailing," Potter said in a statement.