closed system

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closed sys·tem

a system in which there is no exchange of material, energy, or information with the environment.
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In a case like Java, such structural relief cannot compel the maintenance of its open specifications.(92) Spinning off the Java standard into the hands of a new company does little to remedy the consumer welfare concerns that accompany a closed standard. Moreover, absent some method of guaranteeing that the standard will remain open, the new owner cannot be prevented from acting just as its predecessor did.
MPEG-DASH exists as an open alternative to these closed standards. Two of the three companies with proprietary closed standards have been actively involved in the formation and promotion of DASH.
Joel Van Arsdale, Partner at First Annapolis Consulting, adds, "The transition from closed standards and restricted access to greater Openness is closely linked to a shift towards a more partnership-oriented market approach.
(18) Open standards are those that "are not controlled by any one party and can be adopted freely by all market participants." (19) Closed standards involve one or more specific patented technologies that require royalty licensing.
This reflects a huge shift in the industry from proprietary, closed standards to open standards and this will impact the growth of the contact center industry.