closed procedure

closed procedure,

n the reduction of a fracture of the jaw or placement of an implant without surgical flap retraction.
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Contract notice: Closed procedure, For the selection of the contractor of the contract "installation of a complete electronic system for the analogous charging of tolls, Satellite technology with visual identification" (law 4412/2016 - directive 2014/24 / eu).
Conclusion: The study concludes that the post operative pain in cases of open haemorrhoidectomy is less than that in closed procedure and there is no significant difference in stricture formation between the two procedures.
Both techniques involved ligation of pedicle and excision of haemorrhoid but in the open technique the anal mucosa and skin were left open to heal by secondary intention giving a clover leaf appearance, and in the closed procedure, the wound was sutured.
The closed procedure of introduction of changes without approval of the Constitutional Council caused criticism of several human rights defenders.
Renderos decided to convert the surgery from a closed procedure to an open procedure.
With the closed procedure, Harris used a Verres needle to pump gas into the patient's abdomen, creating a cavity to allow the op to take place.
Because of increased equipment costs and longer operating room time, the closed procedure is more expensive per patient.
Contract notice: ecological management contract for the maintenance of green spaces - reconsultation of lots 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 following a closed procedure
Closed Procedure with Multiple Performers: The Procedure For The Conclusion Of Realization On The Basis Of Framework Agreements To Provide Services For The Transport Of Handling Linear Courses (Part 2)
But to complicate matters, the UK's Justice and Security Bill aims to extend closed procedures allowing for secret courts for reasons of national security in civil cases.
Judd of Ochsner Health System in New Orleans and his colleagues explored outcomes for patients undergoing both open and closed procedures.
The 5 mm Quik-Stitch is available in different handle and needle driver lengths to accommodate a variety of closed procedures.