closed laparoscopy

closed lap·a·ros·co·py

laparoscopy attained by insufflation of the abdominal cavity, using a percutaneously placed needle.
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We observed 3 (1.1%) cases of minor vessel injury in open group and 4 cases in close group (p-value 0.5) and 6 (2.2%) cases of extra peritoneal insufflation occurred in closed laparoscopy and 2 cases in Open group (p-value 0.28).
Open versus closed laparoscopy entry - which are the evidences?
in their comparison between open and closed techniques found that the rates of visceral and vascular injury were respectively 0.08% and 0.07% after closed laparoscopy, and 0.05% and 0% after open laparoscopy (p=0.002).17 Chapron, on the other hand, reported that the bowel and major vessel injury rates were 0.04% and 0.01% in the closed technique (n = 8324) and 0.19% and 0% in the open technique (n = 1562), respectively.