closed circle

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closed cir·cle

a circuit for administration of an inhalation anesthetic in which there is complete rebreathing with carbon dioxide absorption.
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In this closed circle, they knowingly did not throw us to the most responsible in the country.
The decisions in the EU are taken in a very closed circle and Bulgaria does nothing but agree with decisions already announced, which does not make Europe more competitive, the Bulgarian President has claimed.
This would open the market to companies like Tesco and Virgin - not the first I would choose, but better than the closed circle of (often foreign-owned) firms that supply 99 per cent of our gas and electricity.
foreign policy a closed circle in the form of a question mark, whereby no one knows really whether the 'change' which Obama has chosen as a slogan for his presidential battle will lead America to additional retreat?
To be efficient you need to have a closed circle," Lagarde said.
When councillors begin to talk up a situation it usually means they are preparing the public for a decision already reached within the closed circle.
Up to now, access to these data was cumbersome and limited to a closed circle of trade specialists.
The Closed Circle continues, and to some degree completes, Jonathan Coe's 2001 novel The Rotters' Club.
It was time for a change, and it was well worth reaching outside the generally closed circle of auto executives.
It was not a closed circle whose members shared the same philosophy and swapped partners in private.
In the The Closed Circle, the sequel to The Rotters' Club set 25 years later, Benjamin remembers how a date with an early girlfriend consisted of a visit to a fish-and-chip shop followed by an evening spent sitting on a platform at New Street Station, because he couldn't think of anything else to do: Coe confirms that this is 'completely autobiographical'.