closed circle

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closed cir·cle

a circuit for administration of an inhalation anesthetic in which there is complete rebreathing with carbon dioxide absorption.
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MIDDLE ENGLAND by Jonathan Coe Viking, hardback PS16.99, ebook PS9.99 HHH HH BENJAMIN TROTTER is settling into comfortable middle age in Coe's 12th novel, which revisits Benjamin, his sister Lois and other characters from 2001's The Rotters' Club and 2004's The Closed Circle.
The 12 essays in this volume discuss the work of British satirist Jonathan Coe, including The Accidental Woman, A Touch of Love, The Dwarves of Death, What a Carve Up!, The House of Sleep, The RottersAE Club, The Closed Circle, The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim, Expo 58, and Number 11.
The reason why this secret closed circle is hidden to the general public is because its membership is largely confined to key members of the establishment, namely, police, judges, lawyers, politicians, the military and the monarchy.
"We need to break open the closed circle of Westminster and Whitehall, and of the boardrooms too," he said in a statement.
It is obvious that we are facing a closed circle system, in which there are attempts to amnesty every negative thing", stressed Musliu.
He remained active officer bearer of various factions of Muslim League and remained in closed circle of late Muhammad Khan Junejo, Prime Minister, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Hamid Nasir Chattha and Ejaz-ul-Haq.
He remained active officer bearer of various factions of Muslim League and remained in closed circle of late Mohammad Khan Junejo, Prime Minister, Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, Hamid Nasir Chattha and Ejaz-ul-Haq
The power market is complicated and a closed circle. The companies have wholesale divisions who sell gas and electricity to their retail arms in deals that do not make the prices of gas and electricity transparent.
In this closed circle, they knowingly did not throw us to the most responsible in the country.
The decisions in the EU are taken in a very closed circle and Bulgaria does nothing but agree with decisions already announced, which does not make Europe more competitive, the Bulgarian President has claimed.
This would open the market to companies like Tesco and Virgin - not the first I would choose, but better than the closed circle of (often foreign-owned) firms that supply 99 per cent of our gas and electricity.