closed angle

closed an·gle

(klōzd anggĕl)
Angulation of the working-end of an instrument at an angle between 0 degrees and 40 degrees for insertion beneath the gingival margin into the sulcus or pocket.
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Based on the product type, the global Glaucoma Diagnostics market is segmented as: Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging Systems Retinal Tomography and Retinal Angiography Systems Corneal Pachymeters Visual Field Testing Devices Tonometers, Others Based on indication Type, the global Glaucoma Diagnostics market is further segmented as: Open angle glaucoma Low tension glaucoma Pigmentary glaucoma Closed angle glaucoma Others Based on the end user, the global Glaucoma Diagnostics market is segmented as: Hospitals Specialty Clinics Ophthalmology Diagnostic Centers Research Institutes Have Any Query?
Back in 1990, an Israeli team found that breathing through the right nostril (the left was packed with cotton), for 20 minutes decreased IOP an average of 27% in the right eyes and 22.5% in the left in 46 patients with open and closed angle glaucoma, bringing the pressure to normal range.
Prof Dr Yaseen Durrani, a senior ophthalmologist, told Dawn that there are two kinds of glaucoma: open angle and closed angle. Most eye drops available in the market are for one of the two kinds of glaucoma, he said, but pilocarpine drops are effective for both.
Measurement of ACD is of particular value in categorization of glaucoma into open angle and closed angle glaucoma.
The sulcus angle (SA) is the closed angle defined by the intersection of the lines parallel to the articular cartilage of the medial and lateral femoral facets.
For small hyperopic eyes this can lead to acute closed angle glaucoma (CAG) attacks, but in fact 50% of patients have CAG present for years with limited symptoms such as brow pain at twilight.
Clinically, we observed that some patients who were diagnosed with typical PSS with a wide, open angle and suffered from recurrent attacks also had a narrow or closed angle due to aging.
Regarding secondary causes for glaucoma such as uveitis, IOP raise usually complicates the clinical course of these inflammatory processes, creating good premises to compromise the trabecular drainage either with open or closed angle. Closed angle results through pupillary block (posterior synechiae) or forward rotation of the cilliary body without pupillary block [2].
key task events) yielded significant variability differences across the age groups in two variables: the maximum opened angle of the hip (P2H) and the maximum closed angle of the shoulder during upswing (P3S) (Figure 3a, b).
Exclusion Criteria: Cases with a primary open or closed angle glaucoma, secondary glaucoma due to traumatic cataract complicated cataract, Congenital cataract and secondary cataract were excluded.
AL can help in knowing various conditions of the eye like staphyloma, risk of retinal detachment, intraocular lens power calculation before cataract surgery and refractive surgery and risk of choroidal neovascular membrane (CNVM) and predisposition of closed angle glaucoma.
* Grade 0 (0 degrees) is a closed angle due to irido-corneal contact.