clonal expansion

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clo·nal ex·pan·sion

production of daughter cells all arising originally from a single cell. In a clonal expansion of lymphocytes, all progeny share the same antigen specificity.
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In summary, serotype 7C remains a rare cause of IPD in England and Wales but is linked to a sudden, rapid increase in cases of IPD because of clonal expansion of ST177, previously associated with vaccine serotype 19F.
* Second phase (clonal expansion): Additional genetic alterations develop and the patch proliferates taking advantage of its enhanced growth potential and forms a field which displaces the normal epithelium.
As briefly mentioned in the Introduction, oncogene suppression under severe energy restriction most likely mirrors the fact that this condition is incompatible with sustained oncogenic signalling which drives commitment to clonal expansion and differentiation.
Plasma cell dyscrasias include a variant of proliferative disease, characterized by clonal expansion of plasma cells in the bone marrow or other tissues, producing a massive quantity of monoclonal immunoglobulin called paraprotein or Mprotein [4].
The larger this diversity, the better the likelihood of a pathogen being effectively bound by a B or T cell, allowing for subsequent clonal expansion and a targeted immune response.
Citation: Filippo Calzolari et al.; "Fast clonal expansion and limited neural stem cell self-renewal in die adult subependymal zone"; Nature Neuroscience, 2015; DOI: 10.1038/nn.3963
The potential benefit of the HLC quantification method is to provide an accurate quantification for IgA clonal expansion by measuring total IgA[kappa], total IgA[lambda], and IgA[kappa]/IgA[lambda] ratios (9).
Clonal expansion of the myeloid blasts and the loss of normal hematopoiesis are the main characteristic of acute myeloid leukemia.
The discovery that HIV can cause clonal expansion could also have implications for gene therapy, says Angela Ciuffi, a virologist at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland.
Coagulin-L inhibited mitotic clonal expansion (MCE) by delayed entry in G1 to S phase transition and S-phase arrest.