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37) Indeed, apoptotic Sm/RNP-reactive B cells are found in splenic MZ in 56R mice when macrophages are depleted by clodronate liposome (Fig.
15] One such approach is by inhibiting the conjugative DNA relaxase with bisphosphonates like clodronate and etidronate.
In a recent open randomized pilot study comparing clodronate to HCQ in erosive OA of the hand (45) the bisphosphonate was found to be effective in reducing pain and increasing function of the hand while HCQ was found ineffective in improving either end point.
Clodronate prevents osteopenia and loss of trabecular connectivity in estrogen-deficient rats.
The bisphosphonates clodronate, pamidronate, and olpadronate have all been administered to children with OI [18].
It was reported recently that early depletion of KCs using liposomal clodronate could block the development of NASH [69].
Evaluation of new bone resorption markers in a randomized comparison of pamidronate or clodronate for hypercalcemia of malignancy.
Cost Effectiveness of Clodronate and Zolendronate for the Treatment of Metastatic Bone Disease in Brazil: Public Health Perspective.
Reductions of bone mass, structure, and strength in the axial and appendicular skeletons associated with increased bone turnover after ovariectomy in mature cynomolgus monkeys and preventive effects of clodronate J Bone Miner Res, 17(3): 534-543.
The team of R&D of Abiogen Pharma had developed and continues to develop several bisphosphonates, including ethidronate, alendronate, clodronate and neridronate.
His analgesic regimen comprised fentanyl transdermal patch 50 mcg/h q3d; several oral medications, including tramadol 100 mg q6h, gabapentin 600 mg tid, clodronate disodium 400 mg bid, and imipramine 25 mg qn; and intravenous morphine 5 mg q4h as needed for breakthrough pain, with no relief.
Adjuvant clodronate treatment does not reduce the frequency of skeletal metastases in node-positive breast cancer patients: 5-year results of a randomized controlled trial.