clock system

clock system,

n 1. system in which the dental instrument and the sharpening tool are held in such a way that the optimum angle required for sharpening is achieved.
2. the seating position for a clinician (and/or assistant) to facilitate instrumentation.
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cabling), - clock system, consisting of master clock, 14 pcs.
Signal distribution around the routing core is handled by Evertz 7812DDA2Q down-converting distribution amplifiers, with synchronisation and timing managed by Evertz' 5601MSC Master Clock System.
It's a modern alarm clock system shaped like a box that the user can mount of top of his or her bed.
Colour has a greater impact on circadian rhythm - the day/night clock system that regulates many biological processes - than light intensity, scientists have found.
Under the $50m deal, TAV Information Technologies (IT) is to design, set up and commission a local area network (LAN), wireless local area network (WLAN), cable management system, master clock system, storage area network, VoIP telephone central system based on IP and all servers and computer equipment.
WEST BROOKFIELD -- In an effort to better track employees' hours, selectmen decided to implement a time clock system for hourly employees.
The rostering and time clock system integrates with FlexiTime Payroll, a fully compliant online payroll application.
The team from the University of Notre Dame and the Indiana University School of Medicine has shown that the development of liver steatosis produced by alcohol abuse is intertwined with disturbances of the normal operation of the 24-hour clock system located in the cells of the liver.
The system, called circadian rhythm, is the central clock system through which all body functions are connected.
This is supported by a solid infrastructure and well trained staff and a world-class round the clock system that offers a high quality service.