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At the same time, cloaking tends to become more unreliable with higher stability number so it is proposed that the number be not allowed to exceed 0.5 [15].
After a brief review of the ATA, addressed in Section 2, and its application on the cited case in Section 3.1, the methodology is extended in Section 3.2 to consider the cloaking of a cylinder immersed in a moving hosting fluid with the incident acoustic field emitted by a point source located close to the object, thus eliminating the assumption of planar wave fronts.
To illustrate the cloaking mechanism, we consider two simple cases.
On the server side, to support location cloaking, spatial query processing on cloaked regions has also been studied.
Weinstein, "Cloaking via change of variables in electric impedance tomography," Inverse Problems, Vol.
While cloaking research is using light to hide large objects, sub-wavelength imaging is using light to make minute objects that were once hidden, visible.
Thus, flexible or conformable metamaterials are essential to any cloaking application.
Stealth technology, which does not make an aircraft invisible, but reduces the cross-section available to radar, making it harder to track, is quite different to the metamaterial cloaking.
There, he worked with Xiang Zhang and other engineers on the idea of "matter cloaking." Just as an optical cloak could redirect light, a matter cloak would be able to redirect something solid--such as, say, a bullet.
While limited in application, the single-wavelength cloaking technology could still make soldiers invisible to night-vision goggles, which operate at just one wavelength.