cloacal plate

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clo·a·cal plate

a plate, composed of a layer of cloacal endoderm in contact with a layer of anal (proctodeal) ectoderm, which subsequently becomes the cloacal membrane and ruptures, forming the anal and urogenital openings of the embryo.


1. a flat structure or layer, as a flat layer of bone.
2. used as a fracture repair medium, including compression plates.
3. to apply a culture medium to a glass plate.
4. to cultivate bacteria on such plates.

axial plate
the primitive streak of the embryo.
basal plate
primordial ventral horn of the spinal cord.
plate bender
a strong crimping device for manually bending a plate for a tricky bit of orthopedic repair.
buttress plate (2)
a metal plate used in fracture repair to bridge and support a diaphyseal gap filled with a cancellous bone graft.
cloacal plate
blind ending of the hindgut in the embryo.
cribriform plate
a sievelike partition between the cranial and nasal cavities. The posterior surface is divided by the vertical ethmoidal crest into two concave surfaces which contain the olfactory bulbs. It contains many small perforations through which the filaments of the olfactory nerves pass.
deck plate
see roof plate.
dorsal plate
see roof plate.
equatorial plate
the collection of chromosomes at the equator of the spindle in mitosis.
floor plate
the unpaired ventral longitudinal zone of the neural tube; called also ventral plate.
foot plate
the flat portion of the stapes.
medullary plate
neural plate.
muscle plate
myotome (2).
nasal plate
region of modified skin around the nostrils in the embryonic carnivore or small ruminant.
nasolabial plate
region of modified skin around the nostrils in the embryo of cattle.
neural plate
a thickened band of ectoderm in the midbody region of the developing embryo, which develops into the neural tube; called also medullary plate.
neutralization plate (2)
a bone plate placed to protect against the forces acting on the fracture site.
orthopedic bone plate
a metal plate screwed to the two fragments of a fractured bone to provide fixation and permit healing in correct alignment.
roof plate
the unpaired dorsal longitudinal zone of the neural tube; called also dorsal plate and deck plate.
rostral plate
region of modified skin around the nostrils in the porcine embryo.
sole plate
a mass of protoplasm in which a motor nerve ending is embedded.
spinal plate
metal or plastic plates may used to stabilize thoracolumbar or lumbar spinal fractures. With one plate on each side of a row of dorsal spinal processes, they are bolted together in the spaces between processes.
tarsal plate
one of the plates of connective tissue forming the framework of either (upper or lower) eyelid.
tectorial plate
the roof of the ethmoidal labyrinth of the internal ear.
tension band plate (2)
a bone plate placed on the tension side of a fracture and which counteracts tensile forces, converting them into compression forces at the fracture site.
ventral plate
floor plate.