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6 times the interorbital distance; (7) first finger equal or slightly longer than second; (8) disc on third finger more than 3/5 size of tympanum; (9) keels on fingers absent; (10) third finger not swollen in male; (11) short thick cloacal fold, with entire free border; (12) tarsal fold distinct, raised, not ending in tubercle; (13) inner metatarsal tubercle oval, about 2.
6 times wider than adjacent phalanx; (7) fingers with thick lateral fringes; thickened edge along outer edge of fourth finger, from base of pad to close to outer metacarpal tubercle; (8) cloacal fold short; (9) tarsal fold strong, not ending in tubercle but having a little distal enlargement; (10) foot-web formula: I2.
At 25 days however, was possible to observe cloacal folds and a cloacal membrane (Fig.