Pertaining to the clivus.
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Clival T1-weighted signal intensity was within normal limits.
The posterior midline skull base is exposed by an endoscopic endonasal transclival approach: the clival region to the craniovertebral joint complex (CJC) can be visualised using this approach (Solari et al).
Drill was used to widen the exposure by drilling edges of the sphenoid sinus to identify carotid protuberences, planumsphenoidale and clival recess.
They cover, anterior cranial fossa, nasal cavity, and paranasal sinuses; the sellar, parasellar, and clival region; cerebellopontine angle and jugular fossa; petroclival and lateral skull base; open and endoscopic approaches to the sinonasal cavity and skull base; post-treatment appearance following skull base therapy; and neuroendovascular procedures for skull base neoplasia.
Bhattacharya, "Infrasellar craniopharyngioma mimicking a clival chordoma: a case report," Neurol India, vol.
When undertaking resection of a tumor in the clivus, the clival bone removal by drill needs careful attention because the dura behind the clivus is very thin and usually adheres to the clival bone.
Was considered in view of clival location; however, the characteristic large physaliferous cells were not evident and we ruled out the same.
The sphenoidotomy showed a little solid mass, occupying clival recess that was removed.
Rice et al., "Malignant clival chordoma with postoperative cutaneous metastases," Skull Base, vol.
CT imaging showed a suboccipital cranial cleft extending through a clival defect and a schisis of the anterior arch of the C-1 vertebral body and hypoplasia of the left mandibular ramus and condyle.
However, on imaging, other processes were included in the differential diagnosis, among them inflammatory processes, which in our case proved on biopsy to be an unusual clival osteomyelitis extending into the sphenoid sinus.