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excision of the clitoris.
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It should be noted that infibulation cannot be the specific focus of Wangila's book, for the simple reason that the kind of circumcision that is commonly practiced in Kenya is clitoridectomy, sometimes termed clitorectomy, which is a far milder form of mutilation.
Yet how is Hirsi Ali--a childhood victim of clitorectomy, Koranic-inspired domestic abuse, and all of the other depredations that afflict women in the Muslim world--not an active participant in these debates?
Clitorectomy involves excision of the skin surrounding the clitoris with or without excision of part or all of the clitoris.
However, if new prospective citizens want to continue the practice of radical or even moderate (as distinct from symbolic) excision and clitorectomy, then such values conflict with western norms with respect to both the protection of children and the protection of women.