clitoral recession

clit·o·ral re·ces·sion

operative procedure to reduce the visual prominence of the clitoris that often occurs in females with congenital adrenal hyperplasia; distinct from clitoral amputation (clitorectomy) or clitoral reduction.
See also: clitoroplasty.
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Clitoral recession was performed in all the four patients with clitoromegaly.
There may be a debate whether to keep the enlarged clitoris as clitoral recession may decrease the sensations in children with clitoromegaly.12 This is not at all a concern in our setup.
These are high rates for both, and the incidence of vaginismus was similar in patients who had been surgically treated by clitorectomy, which was used early in the series, as well as in patients who had been treated by clitoral recession, the method that's been used for the past 25 years, said Dr.